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Thrones! The Musical Parody
Created by Baby Wants Candy
Apollo Theater, Chicago
July 2016-March 2017

Choreography: Sawyer Smith

Music Direction: Tyler Kivel

Lighting Design: Claire Sangster

Costume Design: Amanda Gladu

Set Design: Thomas O. Mackey III

Props Design: Patrick Ham 

Sound Design: Eric Backus

Photography (c) Michael Brosilow


"Endless inside jokes and spoilers had the audience falling out of their chairs."

- Marissa Oberlander, Chicago Reader

"During the next several hours, I could not help but laugh, be slightly embarrassed, but be wholly delighted by the dedication and sheer joy of this musical parody." - Lazlo Collins, Chicago Theatre Review

"THRONES! will leave both fans and friends of fans laughing out of the theater." - Alexis Bugajski, Picture This Post

"Six actors play upwards of 40 roles, switching in and out of wigs and accents, characters, and accents at breakneck speed. It’s a charming framework that lets the production have fun with props and costumes and preserves a low-key, do-it-yourself energy." - Carol Moore, Around the Town Chicago

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